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Toji Residency Program

Programme for Supporting Creative Works and Cultural Exchanges by Foreign Writers,

Artists and Scholars



             The Toji Cultural Foundation supports work created by Korean writers, scholars and artists. Started as a seed program in the belief that writers, scholars and artists should be liberated from their busy daily lives to dedicate their time entirely to creating their works.

The numerous creative works generated by domestic cultural artists and scholars in the program have made the Toji Cultural Centre a major place for creative activities in Korea.    

             Based on the success of the domestic program, Toji Cultural Foundation in cooperation with the city of Wonju launched a new initiative in 2005, the Program for Supporting Creative Works and Cultural Exchanges by Foreign Writers, Artists and Scholars.




The new program aims to invite writers, artists and scholars from around the world to work at the Toji Cultural Centre, and promote cultural exchanges and interaction between people of all cultural backgrounds. Through such exchanges, we hope to help foreign writers, artists and scholars deepen their understanding of Korean culture, and help Korean writers, and artists and scholars widen their global perspectives and experience.




    1. Encourage various creative works by foreign writers, artists and scholars.

    2. Promote interaction between Korean and foreign writers, artists and scholars.

    3. Promote Korean cultural arts and related fields through the establishment and strengthening of a network of personal relationships and cultural exchanges that will introduce Korea and Wonju city to the rest of the world. 




             We hope that the residency programme will stimulate and replenish the creativity of writers, artists and scholars when they get to spend time to create their works, share their views and interact with each other. We also hope that in the process of their exchanges and interactions, Korea’s cultural policy and status will be promoted.





Participants of Programme:

  1. Toji Foundation will invite 7-8 foreign writers, artists and scholars each year

  2. Other Korean arts organizations will also invite 5-6 foreign writers, artists and scholars who are recommended by the consulate or cultural centre from their country

  3. Writers, artists and scholars of Korean origin (3-5 per year) will also be invited to participate in the residency programme


Details of Programme

  1. Period of program will run for 10 months every year

(from 2 March ~ 30 December)

  1. Period for recommendation and selection: January

  2. Maximum period of residency:  3 months  


 Facilities of the Residency Programme

  1. Accommodation and meals  (meals are provided from Monday to Saturday lunch; kitchen is closed on Sunday and public holidays)

  2. Access to Internet

  3. Access to library and loan of books, research materials from Yonsei University Wonju campus (Honorary membership will be issued.)


Documents Required

VISA for writers, artists and scholars (D-1) is issued to:

      1. Person who engages in non-profit research or artistic activities 

      2. Person who works on research publications, creative activities, non-profit academic activities, or person who is invited by artistic organization to engage in scholastic or artistic activities. 

3. Person who conducts professional study on the traditional Korean history and culture, or intends to be trained by an expert in the field.


Applications should include:

  1. Application note(Form) 

     2.  a copy of your passport or Copy of Certificate of Registry (China)

3.  1 Passport style picture (size: 3.5 * 4.5 cm )

4.  Resume or curricular vitae and a record of your publications and writing


Foreign Writers, Artists & Scholars’ Acknowledgements

 To help the Toji Cultural Foundation in the evaluation and management of the programme, foreign writers, artists and scholars are required to:

At the end of their residency, give Toji Centre either a written report of their work or a copy of their creative project or writing done during their residency. (These reports and copies of work are for record keeping and archival purposes only, and will not be published.) Acknowledge the sponsorship from Wonju city.

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